LOTH, Inc.

Education Leader’s Thoughts on NeoCon

Post NeoCon Q+A with our Columbus Education Leader, Lori Hollandsworth

What are your thoughts on the Award Winning Verb Action Media Table by Steelcase?

Love it!  It’s a great size table and Steelcase was very thoughtful with the wheel barrel design for ease of movement.  Awesome safety feature when monitor lowers so that is doesn’t pinch fingers.

How would you utilize the Microsoft products, Hub or Surface, in our showroom?

I would definitely use this in our remodeled learn lab to display content and collaborate with our own team and clients during the design phase.

Was there a standout product(s) from other showrooms that you like?

I loved the Versteel adjustable height flip top table as well as Smith System’s Noodle chair and stool that tilts in all directions as if sitting on a balance ball – I also liked the Oodle stools from Smith System.

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