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Healthcare Solutions Consultant’s Favorites from NeoCon

Post NeoCon Q+A with our Healthcare Solutions Consultant, Paige Armacost

What products are you excited about sharing with your clients, and what are your thoughts on in the Gold Award Winning “Surround” Healthcare Guest/Lounge Seating?

Surround is great. It’s not too futuristic and has a lot of finish options to soften it up. It tells a great story and hosts all the amenities you could want or need on a single platform. Epidemiology will love it. I’m also excited about the new Steelcase Luxe Finishes, and Designtex Luxe fabrics that can be cleaned with soap and water.

Biophilia was a popular theme at NeoCon, how does this benefit a healthcare setting?

There are a ton of studies on how nature impacts the recovery process. It’s just another way to support that process with finishes if you can’t have access to daylight or nature all the time.

Was there a standout product(s) from other showrooms that you like?

Behavioral Health products from Stance and OFS, the flip-top height adjustable table from Versteel, and the new KI chair along with their screens.

From the other Steelcase showrooms I was impressed by the new Steelcase Education Verb Active Media Table and Casper Cloaking film by Designtex.

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