80 Acres Farms


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OCT 2021

Visiting the work studio provided inspiration that the leaders at 80 Acres Farms could jump on board with quickly. The teams took a field trip to local furniture manufacturer, Maverick Desk, to help guide desking selections with a hands-on approach. Utilizing a local vendor allowed us to take advantage of a conservative price point and realistic lead time, while providing a more environmentally-friendly approach to sourcing the furniture. Selecting such an environmentally-conscious brand aligned well with the values the client sets forth for themselves.

The team at 80 Acres Farms looked to partner with trusted companies that had experience in dealing with clients whose growth surpassed project expectations. At points the project became quite challenging, with multiple design/space adjustments needed to support the growing headcount. Being impacted by the construction delays set off by the pandemic often led to shifts in selections that the teams worked closely to identify and solve.

Alongside the team at Open Architecture, LOTH worked closely to rethink how such a fast-paced team would utilize each space for the needs of today and tomorrow.

“Being a part of a project that is centered around such impactful growth for our region is exciting!”

John Van Cleave, LOTH

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John Van Cleave
Workplace Consultant
Project Designer
Kate Wilson
Project Manager
Jerri Ann Hixson
Architect +
Design Partner

Open Architecture
80 Acres Farms
Hamilton, Ohio