Post NeoCon Q+A with our Director of Workplace Design | Coordination AFT Columbus , Brittany Djoice

What were some of the major trends that were evident at NeoCon this year?

The color palette was very soft – mint, salmon, okra, and teals. Lounge furniture was still huge in all showrooms: mobile tables with high-density storage and felt screens; pods, either open or closed, were showcased throughout.

What are your thoughts on the Steelcase Flex + Roam?

This product could be implemented in the back porch area for our WMC team. It will should how a team can use it to be efficient and flexible.

Was there a standout product(s) from other showrooms that you liked?

The post and beam product from OFS was really interesting and could be implemented throughout a lot of spaces. 

What space or product from which manufacturer showroom would you like to see adapted in our own Work Studio?

I could definitely see the Steelcase Flex being implemented into our Work Studio.
What product are you most excited to tell your clients about and why?

I am very excited to implement the Flex in my clients’ projects. I think it will lend itself to start-up companies and IT companies well.

Outdoor spaces and products were also big this year – why do you feel this is a growing trend in the workplace?  

Everyone is trying to maximize space and space that appeals to younger generations and outdoor spaces are another way of doing that.