Jenny GardaPost NeoCon Q+A with our Senior Interior Designer, Jenny Garda

The biophilia theme was huge this year! How would you like to see LOTH incorporate it into our workplace?

The idea of an outdoor space, like a deck or a patio, indoors, would be really inspiring and a nice way to bring the outside in. With that, incorporating trees in our Cincinnati work café could be a simple way to capitalize on the Biophilia trend.

NeoCon Jenny

What other trends did you notice either among the Steelcase brands or other showrooms throughout the Mart?

Almost EVERYONE had an expanded idea of the individual focus space. Whether products were set in a small room or, like Brody, able to be placed in an open space, some put interesting twists on these types of space. My favorite was from OFS. I noted some interesting products promoting a multi-level collaboration area, similar to what PatientPoint did with their levels and pillows – but with product. Both Knoll and Allsteel solved this issue with furniture well.

Education seemed HUGE this year. Providing mobile and adjustable solutions for the learning environment was big. There were a lot of conference spaces with integrated lounge furniture. Everyone had products with the retro wood leg that is on trend, like Corby from Global.

NeoCon Jenny

What do you feel are benefits to all of the Steelcase digital application technology in real time?

For client communication during design meetings, it will be fantastic. I don’t know that I received a complete picture of the technology at NeoCon so a workshop would be great to learn how to apply it because it could be hugely beneficial.NeoCon Jenny

What were some products that stood out to you in other showrooms?

West Elm had a “greenhouse” workstation that was really well done. It had clean connections and looked quality made. Berhnardt had a swivel lounge seat integrated into a side table that I though was really unique and classy. Mohawk had a really interesting LVT that had great colors. Clarus had a freestanding, back lit dry erase board that was super fun. Egan Visual had adjustable height conference tables that were BATTERY POWERED! Alur, others may be familiar with this wall product but I’d never heard of them. Their walls were beautiful. Period. I don’t know how they price, but they’re SO nice and clean. 3Form had some interesting acoustical panel products and acoustical LIGHTING products that were cool and customizable. Source International has a table that’s been in their line that is really beautiful and really cost effective. We should be using it all the time.

NeoCon Jenny

Is there a particular space you’d like to bring home to the LOTH showroom?

My favorite space and the one that inspired me the most was the DIRTT showroom. I don’t know that their products are necessarily applicable to our showroom, but some of the design ideas may be able to translate into a custom piece for us.

NeoCon Jenny

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