As healthcare organizations continue to work on bringing visibility to mental health services, Steelcase brings in a new partnership to help customers.

Steelcase Health recently welcomed a new partnership to the growing healthcare-focused brand sector. ModuForm, a company that has been helping to humanize behavioral healthcare furniture since 1976, will complement the existing Steelcase Health portfolio to help LOTH customers access products to create welcoming, safe and productive healthcare environments.

Steelcase Health recently identified key insights related to the design of behavioral health spaces:

  1. The need for behavioral health environments is on the rise
  2. Physical safety of patients and staff is a key design consideration
  3. Universal design does not mean uniform
  4. A more welcoming environment supports a better healing experience

LOTH designers use the following design principles when planning for behavioral health spaces: create a safe environment, make the space comfortable, and support therapeutic interactions.

ModuForm is focused on manufacturing a wide array of furnishings that reflect a level of compassion and vigilance for patient-clinician welfare, ModuForm designs and engineers products that are:

  • Abuse Resistant
  • Comfortable & Inviting
  • Encourage Independence
  • Easy to Disinfect & Clean
  • Simple to Maintain
  • Ligature, Fluid, Puncture & Scratch Resistant

Solutions are available in a variety of styles to promote recovery-oriented, safe, and inviting spaces that support socialization. From foam-filled, soft, puncture, fluid, and ligature resistant vinyl to finely tailored fabric covered in welcoming upholstery, ModuForm’s passion for solving the unique challenges of behavioral health environments is unmatched.

Find out more about ModuForm products.