In the Fall of 2017, LOTH employees took part in an engagement survey from Columbus CEO partner Energage, gathering data on workplace satisfaction. Of the 115 organizations that participated in the survey, 75 made the cut to earn recognition on the Top Workplaces list. The survey collects responses on 24 factors that cover 7 areas and are ranked among companies of similar size:

  1. Alignment: Where the company is headed, its values, cooperation
  2. Effectiveness: Doing things well
  3. Connection: Appreciation and meaningful work
  4. My Manager: Cares about concerns, helps learn and grow
  5. Employee Engagement: Motivation, retention and referral
  6. Leader: Confidence in leadership
  7. The Basics: Pay, benefits, flexibility, training, expectations

Key findings throughout Columbus highlight which factors are important such as values, meaningfulness and work-life balance. LOTH is proud to announce that this year, they earned their place among the Small Organizations category in their first time running for a spot in Top Workplaces.

In addition to being a first time recipient, LOTH also received one of Top Workplace’s Special Awards in the category of “New Ideas”. This award was based on standout scores for employee responses to specific survey statements which were rated on a 7-point scale. The “New Ideas” statement relays that “New ideas are encouraged at this company.” LOTH is especially proud of this achievement as new changes in leadership have promoted having a voice among employees and communicating ideas to better the company, client relationships, business practices, wellness and engagement. A few of the ways LOTH advocates new ideas includes, holding a “Best Ideas” contest among its employees, Sales Meetings and Team Huddles where not only wins but losses are shared to communicate learnings, and fostering a workplace culture that allows for casual conversation and exchanges between both employees and their leadership team where some of their best ideas are brought to light.

How did LOTH rank among its competition in the survey? Here are some standout points to highlight how LOTH’s team feels about its work environment. In the “My Manager” category, LOTH scored on average 29% higher than the Columbus average.  When asked, “What impresses you most about the values and ethics of LOTH?”, an employee responded:

“It really is a family atmosphere here. I feel that too many companies pull the reigns back on creativity and changing things up and LOTH does the opposite and embraces it. If you build a culture where you trust and respect each other, great ideas happen!”

Part of LOTH’s current driving motivation is thanks to the renovation of their Columbus office. Employees were engaged in the entire process from start to finish as they became their own customer in finding what changes were necessary to improve their work environment and continue to enhance the already strong culture. To learn more about their Grandview Work Studio makeover, visit LOTH’s website at where videos and articles are available that document the entire process.

LOTH looks forward to taking part in the survey again this coming year in hopes for a second consecutive run with the Top Workplaces Award.

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