LOTH is proud to be a continuous partner with the Carl Linder Business School at the University of Cincinnati.

For many years we have invested working with UC on their development of Sales as a career path; most recently to be part of the program is a focus on Women in Sales.

Professor Jane Sojka, a legend in the development of the Sales Programs both at OU (Ohio University) and UC, leads the Women in Sales, developing these young women into business leaders of the future for sales, marketing and business management.

LOTH VP of Organizational Development, Meghan Hollan, has been working with the school and the selling students in class, around campus and networking events.

“I learn so much from the school and these young women. They are extremely impressive! I look forward to watching as the program continues to grow and being part of helping students in their future careers. It is one of the most rewarding parts of what I get to do in our Community partnerships.”