This April we have welcomed a new kind of associate, Gen Z!

But don’t be fooled, our Gen “Zers” are anything but a stereotypical “newbie” to the workplace. As we strive to move past all the labels, we looked at the candidates, what they brought to the table and our ladies are impressive!

Erin Zins and Haley Broadway both joined us as the new Cincinnati and Columbus Concierge associates, on the fast track to growth opportunities. These bright and talented women come from Bowling Green State University and UC Carl Linder College of Business Selling School.

Haley Broadway Haley, attended Bowling Green State University for Tourism, Leisure and Event Planning. After Graduating in Spring of 2016 Haley moved to the Columbus started working in Event Planning. She knew she wanted to look for a larger opportunity to grow and joined the LOTH team.
Erin Zins Erin, hired prior to her Graduation, showed us her go-getter style after successfully completing 5 internships and attending multiple networking events where she met our VP of Organizational Development at a round table about Women in the Workplace. Erin pursued this opportunity whole heartedly and without hesitation proved the job was hers.

These young women are the face of our company, helping us to run successful showroom experiences for all levels of clients throughout the day. They are the hub of information, support and engagement and we couldn’t be more excited to watch them grow with our teams!

As a company that strives to support our clients around Engagement, Culture and Workplace Environments we work hard to understand and appreciate all the different aspects of what people want out of their employer. We encourage businesses to join us in avoiding the “trap” of generation stereotypes but rather look at the talent of the individual!

Welcome to the LOTH Team Erin and Haley!