Everyone knows the landscape of the corporate world has drastically changed since the pandemic. Still, many may not know there is a direct correlation to the evolving landscape of the hospitality world. With remote work continuing to be on the rise, there has been a trend of people looking to work in more beautiful locations instead of their homes.

As the trend of people working in various locations continues to grow, the hospitality industry is seeing a positive impact but also reflecting on ways to improve their environments. While people are extending their stays at hotels or resorts, they are also interested in the amenities like working spaces. Providing areas that allow people to work conveniently can continue to bring more tenants in.

Another trend seen in the hospitality industry is providing a cultural experience within a resort or hotel. If people stay in a different location, they want to feel their environment everywhere, even where they sleep. Guests also seek health and wellness, gyms, and dining experiences. With extended stays, guests are looking to continue their routine without stepping too far out.

As these trends continue to rise, there are some areas in which the hospitality industry needs to improve. Staffing has been difficult in a post-pandemic world, so it can be expected that more hotels and resorts will have a primarily digital approach. Overall, there are some significant benefits to the changing corporate landscape, and the hospitality industry has the opportunity to take advantage of it.