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Post NeoCon Q+A with our Senior Workplace Solutions Consultant, Jason Weimer

How would you relay Steelcase’s message to your clients and their current interests about the “changing workplace”?

As we know, the workplace is rapidly evolving.  Many people are not content with punching the timeclock and collecting a paycheck.  They want a purpose.  This is especially true when it comes to the younger generations.  In addition, despite more companies adopting a work from home program, we still desire connections with other human beings.  In order for innovation to take place, people need to be inspired. Space is one way to inspire your people. Space can allow us to connect and find a purpose together.

What products are you excited about sharing with your clients?

Series One Seating, Bivi with standing height option, and the Steelcase partnership with Microsoft.

NeoCon Jason

What are your thoughts on the new Umami and/or the Series One task chair by Steelcase?

The new Series One chair is going to be a huge hit, especially with smaller, growing companies. Great price point while still offering Steelcase quality and design. Umami is beautifully designed and should appeal to clients with a more progressive mindset.

NeoCon Jason

How would you utilize the Microsoft Products (hub, surface) in our showroom?

I’d replace all but one media:scape with Microsoft products. I wouldn’t take the large Hub and put it behind closed doors. I’d put it right out in the middle of everyone.
NeoCon JasonWhat product story stuck with you the most throughout the Steelcase/Coalesse showroom tour?

Series One seating and the Microsoft products were a big hit to me. Loved the b-free seating as well. I believe that clients in our market will find it be to very relatable and appealing.

NeoCon Jason

Was there a standout product(s) from other showrooms that you liked?  

Heya Lounge from OFS, Framery booths, Global River, Darran Bota and Darran Diva.

Jason NeoCon

Jason NeoCon