Post NeoCon Q+A with our Senior Workplace Consultant AFT Columbus, Jason Weimer

What were some of the major trends that were evident at NeoCon this year?

As has been the trend over the past few years – a heavy focus on ancillary.  There were also a lot of enclosed meeting solutions i.e. Snapcab and Orangebox.

What are your thoughts on the Steelcase Flex + Roam?

I’d be interested in exploring it as an option for teams that are working on bids and competitive projects.  Roam could be utilized just about anywhere in our space.  Internal meetings, client meetings, etc.

Was there a standout product(s) from other showrooms that you liked?

Global introduced some nice new seating options such as Drift and SAS.  The OFS Kasura series is really well done.

What space or product from which manufacturer showroom would you like to see adapted in our own Work Studio?

The Steelcase Flex collection would be well implemented in our Work Studio.
What product are you most excited to tell your clients about and why?

I am very excited to show my clients the Steelcase Flex!  After seeing it in person, I gained an appreciation for the functionality of the product.  All of the components really work quite well together.  We have a strong agile community and this product could be a differentiator.

Outdoor spaces and products were also big this year – why do you feel this is a growing trend in the workplace?  

Employees are always looking for new and different spaces to utilize, including outdoors. Whether it be for heads-down work or a meeting with colleagues, people seek to mix it up and get outside. Personally, I find that it recharges the batteries and offers a time and place to refresh.