LOTH provides a comprehensive solution for 2CO

As 2Checkout, a leading global payment solutions provider, prepared to add to its complement of 100 employees at its new headquarters, they called on LOTH to create a brand-related workspace to accommodate their growing company.



  • real estate footprint: use the available space to the best advantage and plan for future growth
  • talent: attract and retain the right employees
  • branding: use the space to reflect the global brand
  • company culture: create a space that provides for multiple generations in the workplace
  • ensure employee satisfaction: assess each department’s workspace needs



  • uncover workplace trends: blend an open, call center-type atmosphere with private offices
  • determine collaboration needs: how groups interact with other departments and what constitutes team collaboration
  • functionality: provide each team member with an appropriate and functional workspace
  • think creatively: graphics representing 2CO’s global footprint


  • user-friendly: workstations with appropriate worktools
  • maintain an open space: avoided using solid walls that block the light
  • full service: used LOTH’s furniture and flooring divisions to ensure smooth project management


  • new space, new look: a clean, modern look with pops of saturated color
  • collaborative interaction: environment supports collaborative interaction within an open-plan setting
  • culture: accommodates multiple generations and improves morale due to improved aesthetics
  • multiple settings: provided a variety of open and enclosed areas, for work and impromptu meetings