Altafiber, a leading telecommunications company, partnered with LOTH, to provide comprehensive furniture and furniture design services for the renovation of its downtown headquarters in Atrium Two. The project aimed to align the office space with new hybrid work models and create a dynamic, collaborative environment.

Altafiber faced several challenges that necessitated a strategic approach to providing:

  • Space Optimization: Consolidating from seven floors to two required furniture that maximized space and fostered collaboration and productivity.
  • Flexible Workspaces: The hybrid work model demanded versatile furniture for flexible seating and diverse workstyles.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: They aimed for a modern, industrial look that reflected their brand and created an inviting environment for employees

LOTH partnered with Altafiber and Elevar Design to deliver customized furniture and design solutions tailored to Altafiber’s needs. LOTH’s design team conducted comprehensive space planning to optimize the layout, ensuring efficient use of space and seamless connectivity between work areas.

LOTH curated a diverse range of furniture options, including flexible seating, collaborative workstations, and ergonomic solutions, emphasizing functionality, comfort, and style. Altafiber’s existing furniture inventory was incorporated into the new floor plan, blending seamlessly with new furniture selections. The collaboration continued with customized furniture pieces, selecting materials, finishes, and colors that aligned with the desired aesthetic and branding elements.

Collaborative spaces were designed with a variety of seating options, including soft seating, sit-stand desks, and lounge areas, to encourage spontaneous interactions and teamwork among employees. The furniture solutions were integrated with modern technology features, such as connectivity ports, cable management systems, and multimedia capabilities, supporting seamless collaboration and productivity.

The collaboration between LOTH, Altafiber, and Elevar Design successfully transformed Altafiber’s headquarters in several key areas:

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Custom furniture solutions and collaborative spaces fostered teamwork, creativity, and knowledge sharing, boosting overall collaboration and innovation.
  • Improved customer Experience: Employees benefited from a comfortable and functional workspace that catered to diverse workstyles, enhancing job satisfaction and productivity.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The industrial-inspired design, combined with customized furniture, created a visually appealing and cohesive environment that resonated with Altafiber’s brand identity.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Flexible seating arrangements and versatile furniture options allowed Altafiber to adapt seamlessly to changing work dynamics and accommodate various work preferences.

Project Team

Project Lead
Angle Yeary
Workplace Consultant
Project Designer
Emmy Hitch
Workplace Designer
Project Manager
Angie Woods
Project Manager
Project Coordinator
Aubrey Shoup
Workplace Coordinator