Dublin Methodist Hospital

LOTH has worked to become a true partner with healthcare providers.

As a part of The Center for Health Design’s Pebble Project, the Dublin Methodist Hospital needed to create a high-design healthcare facility.


  • unique needs: find existing products to meet project needs
  • first impressions: give the hospital a clean, comfortable feel
  • patient care: promote higher quality of care for patients
  • improve on client’s strengths: enhance operational efficiency and productivity


  • patient-specific: ensure every patient room has custom-designed furniture
  • consultation / conversation: provided a variety of open and private settings
  • a range of work areas: provided appropriate spaces that support hospital staff
  • product solutions: utilized high-quality furniture for the waiting and lounge areas
  • ergonomic seating: outfitted the entire facility with ergonomic, environmentally friendly Steelcase Think chairs


  • collaborative interaction: environment supports staff and patients and their interactions
  • attract & retain: able to help the hospital attract quality staff
  • functional space: provides each team member with an appropriate and functional workspace
  • community support: space helps drive business as well as community support
  • welcoming space: created an environment that attracts patients

“With this huge new facility, my team and the Dublin Methodist facilities manager were spread far too thin to handle furniture installation. Kristi and her team at LOTH customized furniture systems, laid out all patient rooms, and provided mock-up samples so we could see exactly what we were getting. And, they were on-site to ensure everything was received in good condition, which doesn’t always fall within dealership scope.”
–  Char Davis
Interior Designer
Karlsberger Companies

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