G&J Pepsi

As one of the nation’s leading independent Pepsi bottling companies, G&J Pepsi recognized the need to modernize its flagship location, which had not undergone renovation in over a decade. They felt the space no longer aligned with their brand image. Initiating the renovation process, G&J opened a bidding process, through which LOTH emerged as the solution provider, offering both budget-friendly options and timely delivery, while capturing the essence of the G&J Pepsi brand in its design aesthetic. Additionally, in their commitment to realizing G&J’s visions, LOTH seamlessly collaborated with TRA Design to ensure impeccable execution every step of the way.

Moreover, LOTH showcased its capabilities and process by hosting G&J in its Cincinnati showroom, solidifying their partnership. Once awarded the project bid, LOTH collaborated closely with G&J to outline the overarching vision and strategy for the office refresh. Key objectives included adapting the space to the current work environment, reinforcing brand identity, attracting, and retaining top talent, and bridging generational gaps among employees.

Included solutions:

  • Height Adjustable Desks for Private Offices
  • Huddles rooms for collaboration
  • Upgraded Training Room
  • A Boardroom with a custom live-edge table
  • A comfortable breakroom for employees.

Ultimately, LOTH successfully executed on all fronts, transforming the office space into a contemporary environment that fully reflects G&J Pepsi’s vision and values.

Project Team

Project Lead
Kevin Colonna
Workplace Consultant
Creative Lead
Emmy Hitch
Workplace Designer
Project Manager
Angie Woods
Project Manager
Project Coordinator
Talia Bannon
Workplace Coordinator