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From the beginning, the partnership between LOTH and Indian Hill Exempted Village Schools has been one of collaboration and dedication to make the best educational spaces for their students.  When Indian Hill sought to focus on creating new spaces for their IH Promise strategic plan, they began their research.  With some help from LOTH’s Owner and CEO, J.B. Buse, LOTH was able to help push the conversation about our human-centered design approach.

Through these discussions, LOTH was able to begin setting up pilot programs with Indian Hill to not only work on pricing structure but also to get the community involved in making this new learning environment work for them.

By setting up the pilot classrooms allowed both faculty and students to experience the latest and greatest in classroom learning products. Through the pilot program,

  • 100% of educators were able to vet furniture selections
  • 100% of students were able to provide input
  • A total of 1,040 students participated
  • 48 lab classroom visits were conducted

“ Conservatively our research has saved approximately $355,594 through educated decision-making due to the pilot study and the hard work of our partners to lock in preferred pricing” according to Dr. Melissa Stewart, Indian Hill Assistant Superintendent.

From this point, LOTH worked with partners Skanska and MSA Design to help bring Indian Hill’s vision to life. Addressing the key concerns of the need for more collaborative work areas, using the space as a branding tool and designing for the environment, LOTH was able to deliver spaces where students could learn in lecture and in discussion while ensuring the spaces were bright, mobile and conducive to a variety of learning styles.

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