LOTH Provides Workplace Solutions for Major Changes


  • company culture: how our space can tell our story
  • provide a functional workspace: accommodate our employees and the needs of each department
  • a true working showroom: create a working model of how we serve our clients


  • best use of space: provide an open-plan environment
  • provide for different scenarios: create “I” and “we” spaces
  • age groups in the workplace: accommodate multiple generations
  • create an inspiring space: an environment that is not just a workplace but a destination
  • enable hospitality: the ability to host both large and small groups
  • a space for today: an emphasis on technology and collaboration


  • established zones: neighborhoods to create purposeful adjacencies
  • variety: provided open and enclosed settings
  • workplace research and insights: incorporated from manufacturer/partner Steelcase
  • collaborative technology: utilized media:scape and LearnLab to maximize sharing information and ideas
  • customer centric: created an Options Studio for product, fabric and finish selections


  • a showroom/workspace: an example of how a company functions in an office setting
  • smaller footprint: maximizes a smaller real estate footprint
  • functional space: provides each team member with an appropriate workspace
  • integrated technology: uses technology to enhance collaboration and productivity
  • collaborative interaction: supports collaborative interaction within an open-plan setting

LOTH Columbus Showroom pdf