Nationwide Children’s Hospital

LOTH has worked to become a true partner with healthcare providers.

LOTH partnered with Nationwide Children’s Hospital for their new 12-story main hospital − the country’s largest pediatric expansion.

From the fully equipped and furnished patient rooms to public spaces, nursing and administrative areas, the Emergency Department to the cafeteria, LOTH worked in concert with hundreds of people involved in this project, giving importance to every detail.


  • create an environment: a facility that improves the hospital experience for the family as well as the child
  • collaborate: multi-team approach; coordinate with facility managers, contractors, physicians, and nursing staff
  • understand and accommodate: meet the unique needs of the patients and their families
  • project pre-planning: facilitate broad-based feedback on proposed rooms


  • full-scale mock-up rooms: LOTH provided hands-on experience that facilitated broad-based feedback
  • product mix: encompassing patient rooms, cafeteria, consultation areas, waiting, nurse stations, and offices
  • consultation / conversation: a variety of non-threatening, comfortable open and private settings
  • a range of work areas: supplied appropriate furnishings that support hospital staff


  • collaborative interaction: environment supports staff and patients and their interactions
  • cost-effective decisions: maintain quality, safety and the patient experience
  • budgeting: projected costs assisted with cost containment
  • pre-planning: mock-up rooms enabled changes to be made before installation
  • integrated technology: uses technology to enhance collaboration and productivity
  • defining the future: a model for pediatric care

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