The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy’s existing Dublin office needed a complete renovation that would help transform the space into something more flexible, modern, and practical for their hybrid-focused team. The Nature Conservancy team was quickly inspired walking the LOTH showroom and, through a consultative approach, both LOTH and AVI delivered a comprehensive solution using a mix of furniture and technology (storage, meeting tables, shelving, lounge furniture, huddle room technology) that anchors space as well as elements that fluidly move (mobile task chairs, lap top tables, mobile training tables, flex tables, mobile technology) in and out to allow for all-hands company meetings, individual focus, hybrid, or group work.

Included in the solution are:

  • A mix of individual work zones that are mobile and moldable
  • Areas to store and hang personal items
  • Fixed meeting areas with technology presence
  • Lounge and table settings
  • Mobile and fixed technology solutions

The newly renovated office space reflects embracing the future of modern workspace and the new hybrid model of working.

Project Team

Project Lead
Morgan Ranker
Workplace Consultant
Creative Lead
Ellen Vail
Workplace Designer
Project Manager
Nick Armacost
Project Manager
Lead Installer
Grant Eastwood