Prosource dba Vitis Technologies

When Prosource sought to relocate their technologies division, Vitis Technologies, nearer to their West Chester headquarters and create an office environment that not only mirrored their corporate culture but also promoted collaboration and met technological needs, they enlisted the help of LOTH. Leveraging our established rapport and reputation for delivering comprehensive furniture solutions and seamless move management, including bespoke interior design services and reliable collaboration, Prosource entrusted us with their vision. Furthermore, LOTH collaborated with Hub & Weber, the architectural firm, and the general contractor Schrutte & Zimmerman to bring this project to life.

Through several consultations, Prosource actively participated in a process of exploration and design discovery to identify its core objectives. It became evident that they sought to tackle key challenges such as talent attraction and retention, brand enhancement, facilitating collaborative work, and accommodating diverse generational preferences.

Included solutions:

  • A variety of informal meeting spaces
  • Secluded “phone booth” areas to cater to individual working styles
  • Strategic placement of teams to enhance operational efficiency and foster collaboration.
  • Height-adjustable desks
  • Gaming Huddle Room

However, the crowning feature contributing to the office’s ambiance and brand identity is undoubtedly the stunning lobby. Upon entry, visitors are greeted by two vibrant living walls, courtesy of Urban Blooms, creating an inviting and visually appealing welcome for both employees and clients alike.

Project Team

Project Lead
Karen Singer
Workplace Consultant
Project Designer
Emmy Hitch
Workplace Designer
Project Manager
Sandy Sandlin
Project Manager
Project Coordinator
Tina Goodwin
Workplace Coordinator