Grove City Smiles


New Build
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APR 2022

The team at Grove City Smiles was looking for a partner to help guide them through the interior design process for their new space. After visiting the LOTH work studio, the team was inspired and excited to jump into the space project.

This project focused on addressing two key issues the team had with their old space: utilizing the space as a brand tool, and having a space that was designed for the use environment. They were looking for the new space to be more thoughtful to align with the patient experience so that they could make their patients feel comfortable. But, they also wanted to keep their team in mind when it came to designing for comfort. The LOTH team and design partner, Identify Designs, created a fun breakroom space with quality furniture to ensure the long working days were spent in a nice physical environment with wellness top of mind.

LOTH Team Member Testimonial

“Working with Michael Pappas and the rest of the team was an absolute pleasure! They made each step of the project process enjoyable as we worked to design a beautiful space.”

Paige Wietholter, LOTH

Ideal Patient Environment

The LOTH team thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with partners to produce a beautiful renovation that Grove City Smiles patients and team members can thrive in for years to come.

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Project Team

Project Lead
Paige Wietholter
Workplace Consultant
Project Designer
Crystal Hunt
Architect +
Design Partner

Identify Designs
Grove City Smiles
Grove City, OH
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