Hamilton County Education Service Center

Addition + Renovation
Project Type

Square Feet

Year Partnership

Nov 2021

Hamilton County Education Service Center (ESC) was looking for a partner to help overcome three key workplace issues: compression of real estate, enhanced space functionality for collaboration, and improve overall wellbeing of the workplace.

By visiting the LOTH Work Studio in early project phases, the customer was able to connect deeper with the LOTH design project team on the overall project aesthetics.

A Custom Solution

Our team worked closely with partners SHP and Mark Spaulding Construction to deliver a custom solution to fit the needs Hamilton County ESC team was looking for with the renovation project.

The space design was focused on elements to help enhance the workplace culture with a large café space, and an increase in collaboration rooms with enhanced technology capabilities. A large conferencing space was also part of the renovation, to help create a better space for professional development training efforts. The project team overcame a large challenge of shifting team members from private offices with years of storage into smaller workstations that were shared within their departments. Change management planning came into play as the LOTH team guided leaders to embrace this new style of working.

The design team blended a Steelcase benching + cubicle product solution of workstation offerings that provided team members the space they needed by job function, alongside the privacy they were aiming to achieve with the project.

In addition, to help with the relocation efforts, LOTH provided move and storage services for a seamless, one-stop project partnership.

“The Hamilton County ESC team wanted to make sure their new space design supported both future talent attraction as well as current team retention. LOTH designers went to work and put themselves into the shoes of the current team to see how they functioned day-to-day to make sure the new design supported their needs.”
– Andrea Akin, Sr. Workplace Consultant

Project Team

Project Lead
Andrea Akin
Sr. Workplace Consultant
Project Designer
Kristy Bradford
Interior Designer
Project Manager
Sandy Sandlin
Project Manager
Hamilton County ESC
11083 Hamilton Ave
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231