Hillman Group




February 2023

The Hillman Group sought a partnership with a vendor that could help bring the vision of an elevated and high-design feel to their new Headquarters in Cincinnati. They desired to create a workspace that would entice their employees to return to the office while accommodating the day-to-day needs of each of their employees.

Ultimately Hillman chose to go with an open industrial feel, which they felt brought life to who they are as a company and a brand. With this set in place, LOTH was chosen and began to collaborate closely with Wood Architects to help achieve the client’s desired look and style for their new HQ.

Additionally, the client identified a few workplace issues that wanted to address in: Attraction and Retention, collaboration spaces, and updated interiors that would entice employees back into the workplace.

LOTH was able to provide the following solutions to Hillman to solve those problems.

  • Created additional collaboration areas to encourage teamwork and enhance collaboration.
  • Updated finishes, furniture, and interiors.
  • Expanded meeting spaces.
  • Implemented Casper Cloaking technology on all glass walls in meeting spaces.
  • Incorporated live plants and planters through a partnership with Urban Blooms to enhance the environment.


Conference Rooms
Huddle Rooms
Private Offices
Work Stations
Lounge Areas

Project Team

Project Lead
Anik Lee
Workplace Consultant
Project Designer
Emily Martina
Workplace Designer

Project Coordinator
Talia Bannon
Workplace Designer

Architect +
Design Partner

Wood Architects

Project Manager
Angie Woods
Sr. Project Manager

Hillman Group
Cincinnati, OH