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Human-centered design (HCD) is an approach to creating solutions for problems and opportunities through a focus on the needs, contexts, behaviors, and emotions of the people that the solutions will serve. LOTH embraces this concept in practice through empathy, listening, and evaluation. We must walk in our clients shoes in order to deliver a solution that works for the team that will “live” in the environment we create. Let us showcase our “why” behind this concept and how we practice it within our process.

“Empathy is my best practice. Empathy for customers making big decisions, first time decisions, designing a space for the first time, or for any of the unknowns they are having to solve for. I also use empathy for our internal employee’s. There is no situation that wouldn’t benefit from starting with empathy for others.”    Brittany Djoice, Director of Design + Coordination

“In my opinion, the best practice for human-centered design/interaction/work is to have open ears. Each of our customers have a different idea or perspective of what that is or means, and how it uniquely applies to their business. By carefully listening to each of our customers LOTH can narrow down specific challenges and tailor solutions best fit to help improve their business in the long term by putting people first.”    Nick Armacost, Project Manager

“Whether a client or an internal team member, I believe to my core, asking why, listening, iterating and reiterating allows for problems to be solved creatively as a team. When combined with “story telling”, we connect, communicate and get energized.”   Lorene Haimerl, EVP Sales