Jeff On10th

vertical market

New Build
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November 2022

LOTH partnered with Miller Valentine Construction to provide Jeff on 10th, a multi-family housing project, with beautiful aesthetics and furnishings for their indoor and outdoor amenity spaces. In addition, LOTH was able to furnish and stage/accessorize two of their model apartments, which will help with selling the apartments at this multi-family housing project.

The project consisted of a lobby, clubroom, work lounge, leasing offices, conference room, and two model units, which make up about 5,940 sq.ft. of indoor space with an additional 11,348 sq.ft. of outdoor space in their courtyard to give the future residents a dynamic and relaxing place to enjoy outside.

LOTH was chosen for this project largely for our ability to warehouse products until they were needed on-site. The team at LOTH worked closely with our SWS team to internally monitor and store these products together in the warehouse until they were ready to be installed. LOTH worked closely with Miller Valentine Construction to follow the construction schedule and in response, provide a coordinated phased delivery as product was needed on site.

Through great collaboration with the developer and A&D firm, LOTH was able to help transform this project into a beautiful, vibrant living community that will provide a variety of people with a place they can call home.

“Bonny was our lead specialist and provided exceptional customer service throughout the entire process.  The installation team was extremely diligent and friendly.  Overall, Loth was extremely accessible, relationship-driven, and always willing to spend the time to resolve any concerns or issues that come up through the process.”- Kyle Kitzmiller, Senior Development Manager, Miller-Valentine

Project Team

Project Lead
Bonny Rienecke
Hospitality Specialist
Support Team
Aubrey Shoup
Talia Bannon
Stephanie Stacy
Cleveland Reese
Jim Albert
Architect +
Design Partner

Lisa Odor
MA Design
Jeff on 10th
Jeffersonville, IN