Lifepoint Church


Square Feet


AUG 2021

Lifepoint Church built a new facility spanning 18 acres in Lewis Center with multiple uses including work, worship and youth classrooms. M+A Architects designed a large atrium entrance full of light and color, complete with branded signage and graphics. LOTH built upon those elements incorporating energetic furniture pieces in the common areas and modern office and amenity spaces – giving a fresh brand and feel for its people. The client wished to create an open and dynamic corporate office that provided a landscape to crate a healthy culture.

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Administrative Areas
Lobby + Common Areas
Worship Space
Youth Spaces


“LOTH has been a great partner during our construction project. From the time of their proposal in providing furniture for our space until the end, they were personable and professional. Relationships mean a lot to Lifepoint Church, and we felt a solid rapport with the LOTH team. They provided great ideas and communication on design, materials, specs, and timelines. Their installers were punctual, detailed and always sure to ask for clarification when questions arose. We would definitely choose to work with LOTH on future projects.”

– Adam Wallace, Lifepoint Church

Project Team

Project Lead
Julie Voss
Leader, Emerging Workplaces
Project Contractor
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M+A Architects
Lifepoint Church
7404 Graphics Way
Lewis Center, OH