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Tables aren’t just for lunch trays anymore! Traditional dining halls are being replaced by more open, interactive environments that are more residential in scale. Students are as likely to use a café for relaxation, socializing and individual and group study as they are for dining.  As a result, we recognize the institutional dining hall concept is disappearing…



Current healthcare environments require caregivers to work anywhere. The days of caregivers owning a workspace are gone and any available surface becomes a worksurface. Our team’s familiarity with the healthcare environment, its requirements, and its effects on caregivers enables us to improve workflow and support the quality of care.


Collaborative Spaces

Our spaces shape our lives; our lives shape our spaces. The demand for collaboration in higher education is on the rise as certain learning goals are difficult to achieve in an individual context. Students and faculty are finding ways to stay connected beyond the classrooms, leading to common areas used not only for social connections,…