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NOV 2021

The team at Mona Dermatology started this renovation project with a goal to enhance space utilization from a branding perspective, as well as attract and retain talent in a competitive marketplace.

WorK Architecture took the client to three different dealerships within the furniture partner selection process. The client selected LOTH as a project partner after visiting the Work Studio which showcased the breadth of offerings and capabilities. LOTH’s goal was to align the furniture package with the overall aesthetic of the space to create an aspirational destination for Mona clients and team members. The LOTH team lead the client through a detailed product selection process to find the ‘right’ look.

LOTH partner, Urban Blooms, installed a vibrant living wall with preserved flowers as the focal point for the lobby. LOTH in-house carpenter created the ‘Mona’ logo by steam bending plywood for a custom application. This natural feature integrated into the space provide psychological benefits for employees as well.¬†Studies show when natural features are integrated into a workplace, employees are more productive and have fewer absences. People perform and feel better in spaces that incorporate nature.

The aesthetic for the spaces required close connection with the Mona Dermatology tagline “Healthy, Beautiful Skin”. The final solution delivered a welcoming, hotel-like feel while offering the durability needed for the healthcare space.

LOTH Team Member Testimonial

“It was essential for our team to showcase a breadth of product offerings¬†to find the ‘right’ look. We probably looked at over 100 different lounge chairs! But, the Mona team had so much passion behind the project, it was easy to see that same passion spill over to our team through the project process.”

Hannah Williams, LOTH Creative Lead

Healthcare + Hospitality Solution

The LOTH team thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with the client and partners to produce a beautiful renovation that Mona clients and team members can thrive in for years to come.

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Project Team

Project Lead
John Van Cleave
Workplace Consultant
Project Designer
Kate Leopold

Creative Lead
Hannah Williams

Architect +
Design Partner

WorK Architecture

Contractor Partner
Manning Contracting

Mona Dermatology
Cincinnati, OH
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