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Ortal embarked on a studio renovation project with the aim of creating a refreshed and practical environment, benefiting both their employees and the showroom area. The objective behind this renovation was to leverage these improvements to attract and retain talented individuals while using the space as a branding asset. Consequently, Ortal sought a design partner who could cater to their existing space.

Through a referral, Ortal had the opportunity to visit LOTH’s Grandview Work Studio to determine if LOTH was the ideal partner for their needs. The LOTH team successfully curated a comprehensive furniture package and devised a plan that showcased functional pieces, perfectly complementing their stunning new luxury fireplace showroom.

Ultimately, Ortal chose LOTH as a partner for this project due to its unique ability to provide:

  • Cost savings with quick ship product
  • Timely project completions
  • Tayco and 9to5 seating to provide quick workplace solutions
  • Warehouse and storage capabilities

Throughout the project, the team consistently showcased their exceptional skills in collaboration, communication, and adaptability when confronted with new challenges. Recognizing the critical role of timing, LOTH’s team promptly presented the client with quick shipping furniture options. Furthermore, in response to the unforeseen delay in completing the showroom space, the team leveraged warehouse and storage resources until the installation was fully ready.

This beautiful workspace now includes 8 new panel workstations, 11 personal offices, 8 lounge areas, 2 huddle rooms, and 1 conference room, for 7,200 sq. ft. of space.

The result of the renovated workspace is a welcoming and collaborative for all employees.

Project Team

Project Lead
Amber Shafer
Workplace Advisor
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Support Team
Amy Esposito
Workplace Coordinator
Columbus, Ohio