As an Ohio based company for 125 years, LOTH continues the legacy of building strong relationships with our clients, often exceeding their expectations. We provide innovative solutions in response to the changing needs of the workplace by creating environments which reflect our clients brand and culture.

Looking forward, the future is bright! We strive to be creative thinkers, problems solvers and thought leaders utilizing the knowledge, research and insights of our brand partners and LOTH companies.

Behind LOTH’s 125th Anniversary Logo

We have been creating smarter workplaces that solve business issues since 1891. To commemorate the occasion, we have created a 125th anniversary logo that celebrates our past, present and future accomplishments.

Over the years, our business has evolved and adapted in accordance with customer needs. While our roots are in furniture sales (our founder Celia Loth began the business by selling used home furniture), our portfolio of products and services has expanded over the years to include architectural components, flooring, banking equipment, and technology along with a range of business support services. This growth is represented in our anniversary logo: each of the entities in the outer ring stands for one of our business divisions. The shapes spear outward, representing our future growth and expansion.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 3.24.20 PM

Our LOTH employees are an integral part of each business entity, and the company as a whole. They are symbolized by the blue star in the logo, a color that stands for trust and integrity. The central white star seen in the logo represents our customers, who are core to everything we do. Stars traditionally represent a guiding light, and this centerpiece illustrates LOTH’s promise to remain customer focused for the next 125 years and beyond.

Finally, the outer hexagon shape, commonly seen in beehives, symbolizes efficiency and community – two attributes that are paramount to our business.

The 125th anniversary logo proudly aligns all 3 groups – LOTH’s business divisions, employees, and customers – into one cohesive yet dynamic symbol that represents where we have been, where we are and where we plan to take our business.