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For more than 125 years, LOTH has created smarter spaces that enhance creative learning and healing environments.

Our solution comes together with the most cutting-edge furniture, architectural walls, flooring, and technology that are designed and configured in a way that facilitates workflow, enhances collaboration and builds culture.

LOTH specializes in helping leading organizations improve their productivity by optimizing their space to fully engage their associate base. We ask the question, “Does your current work environment provide spaces that will drive optimal business results for the future?” No matter what your business may be, Higher Education, Healthcare or Corporate, your SPACE Matters!

We have true business discussions with our clients to address a variety of real issues that include:

  • Culture – How do you change it? How can we help?
  • Brand Experience – How does your space communicate your brand, internally and externally?
  • Wellness – How healthy is your current work environment?
  • Real Estate Compression – Can you do more with less fixed real estate?
  • Employee Engagement – How do you know if your space brings out the best performance from your associates?

The LOTH approach is to bring together these strategic business issues and leverage your space to solve them. We do this by positioning proven solutions that are created through insights and research from our partner Steelcase. Our success is measured by the relationships we work with to solve complex space issues.

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