Rick Naber has served in several key leadership positions for LOTH since 1989 and has been integral to LOTH’s growth and success over his 30+ years with the company. Rick now serves as a key Senior Advisor for the leadership team to help with strategic planning development. Chairman and CEO JB Buse adds, “I am privileged to have worked side by side with Rick for all of my time at LOTH, and I am thrilled to have him continue in this capacity for our customers and our organization.”

In 1999 he was named Chief Operating Officer and in 2006 was named President. As President, Rick was responsible for LOTH’s strategy, leadership team, and growth initiatives for the future. He is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, with a BS in design and earned a master in business administration from Xavier University. Rick is active in the Cincinnati community where he sits on the Emeritus Board of Resources, a not-for-profit organization supporting the Greater Cincinnati region. He has been active at St. Gertrude Parish where he served five years on the Finance Commission. He is also active in several industry associations including the Board of Governors for Office Furniture Dealer Alliance, the Office Furniture Industry Association.

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favorite LOTH memory

Wow – hard to pick one. Probably the number of great people that I have worked with that have worked very hard to make LOTH successful.

Another great memory is the number of businesses that we have created to address customer needs in the workplace. These businesses have allowed many associates to live out their dream of running a small business. This would include the OptiVia businesses, EWT and others.

advice for the next generation of business leaders

“So many business leaders don’t understand that most of what you learn is by traveling the road of business. There is only so much you can learn from a textbook.
My advice would be to find a good mentor that cares about you, outside of the business, that has traveled the road and is willing to share experiences and learnings with you.”