Ronald McDonald House – Greater Cincinnati

Largest RMH
in the world



OCT 2020

LOTH Inc. is grateful for the opportunity to partner with the Ronald McDonald House on their transformative expansion and renovation project.

LOTH Inc. began working with the Ronald McDonald House in 2018 and provided a range of thoughtfully-curated products, temporary administrative space during construction and workplace services supporting the project vision, goals and design intent.

Our experienced team worked closely with Ronald McDonald, Messer and GBBN to deliver this successful project on-time and within budget. The solutions and services we provided throughout the six-story tower helped create new administrative offices, meeting rooms, common spaces, dining spaces and bedroom suites. The LOTH workplace services team provided a temporary administrative space for the RMH to use during construction periods.

These spaces will enhance the productivity and engagement of staff-members, as well as, promote a home-like experience for guest families for many years to come.

“The RMH project was an opportunity to provide a ‘home away from home’; a place for people to feel comfortable¬† while facing difficult family situations. The space was designed to include comfortable furnishings and bright settings with unique spaces including: dining areas, play areas and business-focused areas.”

– Julie Jutze, Account Executive

Project Team

Project Lead
Julie Jutze
Account Executive
Project Designer
Jenny Garda
Sr. Interior Designer
Project Partners
GBBN – Architect
Messer Construction
Ronald McDonald House
341 Erkenbrecher Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45229