24/7 Access to Our Products & Services

To support our stellar catalogue of Steelcase products, LOTH provides its valued clients with access to a customized website powered by Ensync, the industry’s top business-to-business software solution. Here, they can easily access just about any information they might need, 24/7, as it relates to their furniture assets, quotes, records, and shipments.

Our Ensync software system is designed for the end-user, who is typically a very busy manager or executive overseeing some aspect of managing one or more facilities and/or the purchase or products and services. By offering its clients cutting edge technology, LOTH is able to offer an additional layer of service above and beyond the normal workday.

Using our secure system, clients can access everything from:

  • 3-D product imagery for the complete catalogue or products & services
  • Web-based inventory analysis program
  • Automated tracking reports
  • History of previous and pending orders
  • Status on delivery schedules & cargo being shipped
  • Quotes, orders & invoices in progress
  • Customized catalogue of products/services based on their standards
  • Negotiated pricing & automated internal ordering processes

With these tools, clients can more easily and efficiently make important decisions about the managing their facilities and furniture assets, as they always have the information they need at their fingertips.