LOTH Logistics, the fastest-growing division of LOTH, is a third-party logistics company providing best-in-class solutions for transportation management, warehousing, inventory control and project management with deep experience in financial institution projects. In three short years, LOTH Logistics has grown 477%, more than tripling our staff and establishing a nationwide footprint.  Our purpose is clear: save our customers money, thereby increasing profitability.

LOTH Logistics applies our team’s extensive knowledge of the transportation industry to optimize our clients’ shipping practices.  Companies that utilize LOTH Logistics’s web-based transportation management system see an immediate reduction in rates, optimize their carrier selection and apply key management reports to help measure and control their transportation spend.

LOTH Logistics continuously strives to drive down costs, improve service and gain more supply chain control. LOTH Logistics’s Warehousing and Distribution Services allow for either a short or long-term storage solution. With LOTH Logistics’s web-based inventory control software, customers can see a real time snapshot of their inventory. PCI compliant warehousing and secure storage ensure that our customers’ assets are completely safe.

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