Covington, KY



The Lawrence Firm was in search of a partner to transform their vision for their new office space into reality. Their goals included updating the space, attracting and retaining employees, and incorporating both open and closed collaboration areas. Through a referral, they engaged with LOTH to embark on this endeavor.

Upon visiting LOTH’s showroom and participating in various tours, The Lawrence Firm underwent a discovery session to outline their requirements. One of the crucial issues they aimed to address was designing their environment. LOTH’s team stepped in and successfully resolved this key problem by:

  • Offering a comprehensive furniture solutions package
  • Selecting furniture pieces based on the insights gained from the discovery session
  • Assisting in the selection of all finishes
  • Providing recommendations for interior finishes


Conference Rooms
Lounge Areas
Collaboration Space

Project Team

Project Lead

Anik Lee
Workplace Consultant

Project Manager
Angie Woods
Sr. Project Manager

Project Designer
Emily Martina
Workplace Designer

Project Coordinator
Talia Bannon
Workplace Coordinator
Architect +
Design Partner

Work Architecture T

The Lawrence Firm, PSC.
Cincinnati, OH
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