Warehousing + Asset Management

Warehousing + Asset Management

We pride ourselves on our timely, accurate and damage-free deliveries. Our warehousing  facility was built to handle the vast number of shipments we receive and deliver each day. We pay attention to details – receiving and inspecting your products for visible damage and  consolidating shipments from multiple manufacturers – all to deliver your products to you  safely and cost-effectively. LOTH is able to store product with ease in the event there are  construction delays. Shipments are inspected for completeness upon receipt.

Asset Management

In our ever-changing world, the question of what to do with surplus furniture can arise as your  company changes with the times. LOTH has your solution. With our decommissioning  program, we work with our clients to find the best solution possible. If through recycling,  donation to a charity, or just plain disposing of it, LOTH’s professionals will work with you to  find what best serves your company’s needs.

LOTH uses SnapTracker® a state-of-the-art inventory management software in conjunction with Ensync® web-based software that allows the customer complete web-based access to  not only all inventory, but order visibility, and online ordering of services and product.

We can offer you 24/7 access to inventory through the web interface. Product can be  requisitioned through the shopping cart feature and delivered when required.