Wexner Medical Center- OCNA



August 2021

The team at Wexner Medical Center-OCNA started this project with the goal of working to attract and retain talent, growing the amount of collaborative work, and then utilizing the space as part of branding.

This beautiful healthcare facility helps achieve the goal through its entire 25,000 square feet of lounge areas, conference rooms, office spaces, waiting rooms, and patient areas, which feature floor-to-ceiling windows that bring in lots of natural light.

Through a contract with Wexner Medical Center, LOTH was a trusted partner that was able to design all the spaces with the client’s goals in mind while providing their workers with spaces in which they feel welcomed and comfortable every day.

Working through challenges such as COVID, construction delays, and product delays, the team was able to implement a solid foundation for bringing together spaces that would help the client achieve their goals on a tight deadline.

Through consistent communication and partnering with both the developer and A&D firm, LOTH transformed this healthcare facility into a place where both patients and employees feel welcome.

Healthcare Solutions

The LOTH team thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with the client and partners to produce a beautiful space that helps grow collaboration, while attracting and retaining talent!

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Project Team

Project Lead
Kristi Doyle
Workplace Consultant
Project Designer
Molly Diles & Shannon Hurley

Sales Coordinator
Caitlyn Trojano

Architect +
Design Partner


Contractor Partner

Wexner Medical Center- OCNA
Columbus, OH