Working from home is a reality for many people today.

For some, this is a regular practice. For others, it’s a new way of working.

While each person faces their own set of challenges, products that provide ergonomic support and maximize small spaces help create work from home solutions that bring comfort, inspire creativity and boost wellbeing.

Proper Posture @ Home

WFH Posture


monitor: if you do not have an external monitor, try to make your laptop eye level by propping it up on a stand, box or pile of books (this may mean you’ll need a wireless mouse and keyboard as well)

schedule virtual meetings with your team in mind: barking dogs or playing children are bound to interrupt calls – discuss with your team what times of day will be the most conducive for a productive session

take breaks: remember to switch your posture, stretch, take your dog for a walk, or go for a quick bike ride; it’s important to take breaks from your computer screen and it will rejuvenate your mind

keep in touch: virtual happy hours with your team will allow you all to take a mental break from your workload – remember to still celebrate small victories like completing a project or meeting deadlines

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WFH Efficient Essentials

WH Collection 1You can bring the same feel of your workplace into your home office with a few small additions. An ergonomic task chair that looks good as well provides the support necessary to keep you comfortable for the hours you put in at your desk.

A desktop riser for your personal computer or laptop, allows you stay stationed at your desk with all of your essentials while still allowing you to change your posture and position throughout the day.

A few other small additions are a desktop outlet, to give you quick and easy access to recharge your phone and laptop. People feel and perform better in a properly lit workplace. This specific LED personal task light will not only illuminate your work zone, but will do so with a small, yet powerful wattage. Lastly, a standing anti-fatigue mat is ideal as it provides comfort for people working at a stand up desk all day or for when you need a break from sitting.

WFH Colorful Collection

Your task chair doesn’t have to be boring! Many upholstery and mesh options are available to blend in with your home’s existing palette. Extend your style across your workspace with colored monitor stands and accessory storage. You may finish off your area with an ergonomic footrest that serves multiple functions. It will support the back of your legs while seated and also provide comfort and relief for standing positions by helping to shift weight by propping up your foot.