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JUL 2020

The LOTH team kicked off this project relationship with bringing the client into the Work Studio space to effectively showcase privacy wall and height adjustable benching options.

One of the primary goals of this project was to align aesthetics closer to the headquarters offices in Germany. The client wanted a space that has the same updated look and ambiance that would help tell customers and other visitors the ARKU story. Clean, updated aesthetics that enhance ARKU’s position as a leader in its industry, as well as height-adjustable desks and comfortable seating throughout the space make for an inviting professional environment.

LOTH acquired partnership with ARKU by listening to the client’s needs and translating those effectively into the final project presentation that allowed the client to visualize the final concept. Our design team was able to work within the specified budget, utilizing flexible products from Steelcase, OFS, SnapCab and other manufacturer partners.

“Finding acoustic solutions that worked for their unique space was a challenge that LOTH was able to overcome alongside our partners EWT and MDC.”

– Karen Singer

LOTH’s technology division, EWT, played a critical role in providing solutions to fit the client’s technology and acoustical needs for the new space. The open office area of workstations had a sound masking system installed. Overheard conversation from open area activities including sales presentations and collaborative conferences is pervasive and intrusive to the conduct of work in the open office workstations. These noise sources will be masked with “white noise” throughout the open office workstation area. This strategy works to provide the workstation area conversational privacy and an environment with reduced distraction. The A/V expertise the team brought to the project was essential in delivering excellence customer service.

Project Team

Project Lead
Karen Singer
Account Executive
Project Designer
Jenny Garda
Sr. Workplace Designer
Contractor Partner
Carerra Construction
7251 E. Kemper Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45249