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AUG 2020

Bethany School is a private K-8 educational institution located in Glendale, Ohio. The school has a diverse, 200+ student population & is a member of the National Association of Episcopal Schools.

The LOTH + Bethany School partnership started in 2018. The LOTH team delivered a great customer experience throughout the 2019 project, leading the Bethany School team to select them once again for the Bethlehem building to install in 2020.

A Custom Solution

Our designer collaborated directly with the Emersion Design firm to develop impactful space solutions that met all client needs. Bethany School was looking for impressive, yet functional learning environments that allowed for an increase in collaboration opportunities, focus-work spaces and shared-space amenities. In order to enhance the culture within the school, the LOTH team worked with materiality to help share the concepts of color use (sky vs. grass) based on the flooring throughout the building. LOTH + Emersion collaborated to specify products and finishes that aligned with the overall aesthetics throughout the buildings. Chair selection was no easy feat as the common spaces blended together students from a variety of age groups, so the design team built a solution that offered beautiful seating opportunities for all grade levels!

The custom library shelving was designed to allow for both mobile and fixed options in the space. We worked with Maverick Desk on the fabrication work for the shelving products.

“We love working with the Bethany School team! The strong collaboration between LOTH  and project partners was key to ensuring this project stayed right on schedule.”
– Andrea Akin, Project Lead

Project Team

Project Lead
Andrea Akin
Workplace Consultant
Project Designer
Kristy Bradford
Workplace Designer
Project Manager + Lead Installer
Jerri Ann Hixson
Cody Sauer
Bethany Schools
555 Albion Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246

Project Partners