Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, is a hot topic of conversation all over, even in design and architecture. The big question is how to use AI platforms most beneficially. For some, AI has been a resource to help facilitate communication because of its ability to write in a desired tone and style. For others, it has been used to research codes for structures.

AI design platforms are another tool that designers and architects can take advantage of. These platforms allow the user to turn a hand-drawn sketch into a rendering. This helps create more efficient communication between the designer and the client. Combining technology and architecture can streamline projects and help reduce risk and cost.

As AI becomes more popular, it is essential to think about these platforms to improve business instead of seeing them as a replacement for employees. AI will continue to grow, and by leveraging it as a resource, designers can open even more creativity and reinvent new spaces. While AI platforms are still new, the more people use them, the better trained they will become for everyone.