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Designing for Inclusivity and Accessibility

Driving people back to the office is a trend that we can expect to see more of in 2024, but…

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Community Is the Center of Hospitality

Guest experience is crucial in the hospitality industry, but what is the best way to prioritize that? Hospitality is more…

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Straight Wall Steel Commercial Garage Building. Generative ai

AI In The Architecture & Design World

Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, is a hot topic of conversation all over, even in design and architecture. The…

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Aug2-The Workplace is Evolving But Where To

The Workplace is Evolving But Where To?

Gone are the days of the traditional work environment as hybrid and remote work continue, but it is starting to…

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Creating Inclusive Work Environments

While one working environment can make a person feel at ease, productive, and comforted, another person could feel distracted and…

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Changing The Landscape For Traditional Work Environments

Recently, there has been a rise in remote work, and with that, companies are challenged to find new ways to…

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7-31–Vacant Buildings But Not For Long

Vacant Buildings But Not For Long

Due to the pandemic and the accessibility to remote work, there has been an influx of vacant office spaces. With…

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7-26–Communty is the New Amenity

Community is the New Amenity

Amenities are not a new offering in the workplace, but the definition holds a different meaning post-pandemic. What was seen…

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7-3–Small Businesses, Large Design Ideas

Small Businesses, Large Design Ideas

In an effort to keep socialization and collaboration present, companies are also creating hospitality environments. Having both collaboration and focus…

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Comforts of Home but in the office 1

The Comforts of Home, But in the Office

Working from home has become a comfort for many people in the workforce. Being able to work wherever you want…

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