Guest experience is crucial in the hospitality industry, but what is the best way to prioritize that? Hospitality is more than just an experience, vacation, or dining. It’s creating a memorable moment for people that they can carry throughout their life. There are some factors to consider when strategizing the best guest experience possible.

Getting the locals involved can benefit someone’s experience. Incorporating the community helps to resolve problems that may not be easily known but also focuses on the community’s needs. Town halls are a great way to get the community’s and other designers’ and clients’ insight and create transparency while engaging with the community.

Cultural sustainability is another element of hospitality that should be prioritized. By being culturally sustainable, it avoids the exploitation of a community’s resources. Designers can honor a community through art fairs, local food trucks, or nature walks. This not only highlights the community but also brings in more tourism. There are a lot of factors to consider when improving the guest experience in the hospitality industry, but the most important aspect is community.