Weekend Workplace Tips Weimer

Weekend Workplace Tips with Jason Weimer

Life as we know it has drastically changed over the course of the last two weeks.  I spoke with a customer yesterday who typically employs over four hundred people at their offices in the Northwest Columbus area.  They are down to twelve with everyone else working remote from their home.  Another customer typically has close to nine hundred and they were down to less than fifty.  While leadership and various business units are having to adapt to this new way of work, facility managers are still showing up the office and dealing with a variety of challenges during these unprecedented times.

For example, one facility manager recently shared that they had 1,100 pounds of food for their café that would go largely uneaten.  They were offering free breakfast and lunch to those associates still in the office and would donate what they could to a local soup kitchen.  Procuring equipment (laptops, desktops, docks, headsets, etc) is another challenge.  While IT is there to assist, facilities is largely responsible for the logistics.  Imagine having to suddenly support hundreds if not thousands of associates in a remote work scenario. One facility manager shared that many associates were attempting to leave the office with their ergonomic task chairs and storage pedestals.  With these items being company property, they were not allowed to take them home.

So how do they continue to support their people in an unexpected remote work situation?

  • Do your very best to promote an ergonomically sound work environment.
    • Proper monitor height is important.  Even if you have to use a box or Tupperware container to support.
    • Try to change postures throughout the day.  Working from a kitchen counter, with proper monitor height, as well as on the couch or at the dining room table.
    • Use a pillow or a towel if lumbar support is needed.
  • Take breaks and move.  It is more important now than ever before, to go outside and take a walk.  Get some fresh air.  This will promote well being, both physically and mentally.
  • Stay connected with others.  Reach out to colleagues and ask about their family.

This crisis will come to an end.  Eventually, we will all return to our “normal” lives and routines.  Facility managers will be asked to coordinate the logistics of getting hundreds or thousands of employees back into their offices.  Be prepared.  Have a plan and be ready to execute.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help and to find those external partners in your community who can offer their expertise and services.  Above all else, stay healthy and safe.

Jason Weimer
Leader, Strategic Workplace