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Making The Office Relevant Again

As work patterns change and we continue to see a trend in creating sustainable environments, designers are struggling to create…

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Rethinking The Office Design

For many years, having a private office was seen as a sign of success for individuals. Over time, that incentive…

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Design Trends For 2024

With the new year comes new design trends we can expect to see in 2024. Connection is at the forefront…

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Reinventing Well-being in the Workplace

For many people, the pandemic changed their views on the workplace and shed more light on some of the stressors…

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Inclusive Design for the Workplace

Inclusion hasn’t always been a focus for corporations, but over the recent years, many companies have put more of an…

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Key Elements for Creating Success Amongst Your Employees

Four key elements are crucial for employees to thrive in: people-first culture, utilizing the office for connection and collaboration, team…

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Getting Employees Eager For The Office

As many employees started working from home instead of the office, the need for connection grew, but it required more…

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The Importance Of Artwork

Art may be a low priority when it comes to updating your workplace, but it’s an element that should be…

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Supporting Employees Through Workplace Amenities

It may come as a surprise for some, but Gen Z (individuals ages 18-24) is enthusiastic to be back in…

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Reducing Emissions In The Workplace

The topic of climate change has been around for a while, but as of late, companies have been focusing their…

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