Ryan Larkin

Weekend Workplace Tips with Ryan Larkin

Daily rituals anchor our lives, and it’s vital to keep these rituals going during stressful times.  I’ve realized over the last 6 weeks that I do the same 7 things every day, regardless of where I’m working and what’s going on in the world.

  • I find gratitude. I remind myself that I’m blessed to wake up and that I’m doubly blessed to wake up in America.
  • I have coffee.
  • I ask myself what I’m doing in my work life that I shouldn’t be doing. I also ask myself what I’m NOT doing that I should be doing.
  • I prioritize my day and begin executing.
  • Very early in the workday, I like to either:
    1. Fat finger an email
    2. Lose my phone
    3. Pocket Face Time call a client that I haven’t spoken to in years
    4. Trip over a kid trying to get more coffee
    5. Trip over a dog trying to get more coffee
    6. Text Weimer [Columbus Workplace Consultant] about my plans for the day (after I find my phone)
  • I draft hand-written correspondence or call friends.
  • I have fun.

Ryan Larkin
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