Cincinnati State Technical and Community College – Middletown

LOTH creates innovative, active-learning environments

With a future-focused intent, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College made a significant commitment to establishing a campus in Middletown’s downtown core, an ambitious expansion from the main campus. Working with partners, CSTCC was able to renovate and set up shop in the former Cincinnati Gas & Electric Building. The facility includes classrooms and labs, student services areas (enrollment, advising, counseling, financial aid and study areas), and offices.
The community college’s vision: create a campus atmosphere in downtown Middletown.


  • impact: enhance freshman integration into the campus community
  • understand and accommodate: create a space that will attract and retain students and faculty
  • product mix: provide budget-friendly, green solutions
  • collaboration: support small-group and hands-on activities
  • issues: capacity for initial enrollment as well as future needs
  • brand building: use space as a brand tool


  • multipurpose spaces: accommodate scheduled class needs as well as breakout space
  • collaboration needs: both inside and outside the classroom – every space is a learning space
  • zones: provide open and private settings, appropriate spaces that support collaboration and classroom activity


  • product selection: flexible, mobile seating; refurbished product
  • future-focused: provides a state-of-the-art template for smart, active-learning spaces
  • college brand: casual, open layout takes advantage of street-level windows as marketing tool
  • campus atmosphere: the ability to offer the same student services as on the main campus

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