Colliers International

LOTH used technology to enhance collaboration and productivity

When the Columbus office of Colliers International made the decision to move to a newly renovated space, they called on LOTH to help bring the project together. Through their previous dealings with LOTH, Colliers understood the advantages of partnering with a knowledgeable company.


  • real estate footprint: use the available space to the best advantage
  • talent: attract and retain the right employees
  • branding: use the space to promote company brand
  • company culture: create a space that provides for multiple generations in the workplace
  • ensure employee satisfaction: assess each department’s product needs


  • uncover workplace trends: observe work patterns to discover what is needed to accomplish specific tasks
  • determine collaboration needs: analyze how groups interact with other departments and what constitutes collaboration among teams
  • functionality: provide each team member with an appropriate and functional workspace
  • think creatively: transition to an open work environment


  • collaborative interaction: environment supports collaborative interaction within an open-plan setting
  • culture: accommodates multiple generations and improves morale due to improved aesthetics
  • multiple settings: provided a variety of open and enclosed areas, for work and impromptu meetings
  • face-to-face: technology enhances collaboration and productivity locally and globally
  • integrated technology: utilized media:scape to enhance collaboration and productivity – locally and globally

Client Comments:
We’ve been able to use (media:scape) to edit presentations as a group, real-time. The advisors love the space to hold client meetings and show off the new technology. …employees have said they can’t wait to get to work because our open office environment now matches the collaborative culture of our company.
All the visitors to our space are very impressed and the building owner has given several tours to guests.

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